G.ASARO 40X120 (1.44 SQM)


G.ASARO 40X120 (1.44 SQM)

Price per SQM R349.90 incl VAT 


Price per SQM R349.90 incl VAT 


Calculation:  To calculate quantity please multiply SQM by 1 unit/box and round up to nearest unit/box. Kindly remember to include 10% for wastage and cutting.

Stock unit square meters (SQM)


Suitability: Indoor, Residential & Commercial

Application: Wall

Material: Ceramic White Body

Origin: Imported

Colour: White

Finish: Polished

Tile size: 400x1200mm

Tile Thickness: 10mm

M² per box: 1.44

Tiles per box: 3

Weight per box: 27.50kg

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